Presídio da Trafaria

25 Jul 2017 in abandoned, commission

Equipo · Equipment: Canon 7D // Peleng 8 mm - Tamron 17-50

Localización · Location: Barreiros (Lisbon)

Modelo · Model: -

Estilo · Style: Comission for | Documental

Un paseo dentro de la prisión abandonada de Trafaria •

If you’ve ever taken the ferry from Belém over to Trafaria, you might encounter something a little out of the ordinary if you take a moment to look around.

Crumbling walls, caved-in ceilings, and eerie notches in the walls marking the days, months, or years of captivity are all that’s left, even the bars are gone. This abandoned complex is the Presídio da Trafaria, founded in 1751, where originally, many exiled citizens waited to be shipped off to the colonies and later, opponents of the Salazar regime were tried, defended by crooked lawyers, beaten seven ways from Sunday, and then jailed and left to rot.